Configure Invoice Pdf Settings

Display Order ID in Header (v1.0.0+)

When set to Yes, the order ID number will be displayed in the header of the pdf.

Title (v1.0.0+)

Enter a title for the invoice pdf

Customer Addresses (v1.0.0+)

Which addresses should appear on the pdf? Choose from shipping address, billing address or both. Note that downloadable product orders won't have a shipping address. 

You can customise the customer address format by accessing  System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Address Templates > Pdf. The | character will be converted into a line break.

Columns (v1.0.2+)

To add a new column, click the add button at the bottom. To remove a column, use the trash icon under Action.

You can choose from the supported column types:

  • Sku
  • Name
  • Position
  • Price
  • Qty (this is used for invoice, shipment, credit memo)
  • Subtotal
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Product Image
  • Sku Barcode

Please note each type can only be used once per pdf.

The width column allows you to override the default width of the selected column. Default values are between 12 and 24. 

Sort by Column (v8.0.4+)

Choose which column to sort items by (alphabetical/ascending order). The default setting retains current Magento settings.

Custom Text (v1.0.0+)

Add custom text to appear at the bottom of the pdf. Use free text or simple html.

Customer Group Specific Text (v8.4.0+)

Add custom text to appear at the bottom of the pdf based on the order's
customer group. Use free text or simple html.

Please note each group can only be used once per pdf.

Use Integrated Labels (v3.0.0+)

Select “Yes” to use integrated labels. Each label measures 85mm x 54mm. Labels measure positioned 20mm from the side and 23mm from bottom.

Choose from the following standard labels:

  • Single – Shipping Address Label
  • Single – Billing Address Label
  • Double – Both Addresses


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