Set up in the Magento backend

We indicate which features are available on which version of Fooman Payment Surcharge in the following way: (v1.0.0+).

Add Surcharge - Payment

Head to Sales > Surcharges to configure your surcharge settings.

Click on the “Add Surcharge” dropdown button and select “Payment” to create a new surcharge based on payment method.

You can add as many different surcharges as you need based on your store's payment methods - including credit cards, Paypal, Stripe, bank transfer, check, Afterpay and more.

Please check your individual credit card contract/agreement to confirm whether you are permitted to charge a surcharge for credit card payments. It varies from country to country and from payment provider to payment provider.

Adding different surcharges for different credit card types (e.g. 5% for AMEX but only 3% for Visa/Mastercard) is on our roadmap for future development.

Customer Emails and Pdf Documents (v1.0.0+)

Surcharges will be automatically added to customer emails and pdfs generated by Magento (including pdfs generated using Fooman Pdf Customiser).

General Settings

Description (1.0.0+)

Enter the surcharge description (for internal use) - e.g. ‘3% surcharge on credit card payments’.

Status (1.0.0+)

When set to “Active”, the payment surcharge will be enabled.

Store (1.0.0+)

Choose which store the surcharge should be applied to.

Tax Rate (2.0.0+)

Choose which store the tax rate should be applied to the surcharge amount.

Amounts Are (3.1.2+)

Ability to specify if the surcharge amount is inclusive or exclusive of tax. When utilising tax inclusive amounts we suggest also enabling Magento's cross border mode if you are selling in multiple tax areas to avoid 0.01 differences.

Apply Group Filter (3.0.5+)

When set to Yes the surcharge will only apply to the specified customer groups below.

Group (3.0.5+)

Works in conjunction with the above Apply Group Filter setting. Choose the customer groups for which the surcharge should be applicable - for example Wholesale customers.

Apply Country Filter (3.1.1+)

When set to Yes the surcharge will only apply to the specified countries below.

Address (3.1.1+)

Which address type should be considered for the country choice.

Countries (3.1.1+)

Choose the countries for which the surcharge should be applicable.

Payment Settings

Order Minimum (v3.0.5+)

If set only apply the Surcharge to orders with an amount above and equal this value.

Order Maximum (v3.0.5+)

If set only apply the Surcharge to orders with an amount below and equal this value.

Payment Methods (1.0.0+)

Control-click to select the payment methods you wish to apply the surcharge to. This list is automatically populated with all installed payment methods.

Surcharge Calculation Mode (1.0.0+)

Choose your preferred surcharge calculation mode:

  • Fixed: Charge the same surcharge amount for all transactions (e.g. $5)
  • Percent: Charge a variable surcharge amount as a % of the order subtotal (e.g. 3%)
  • Fixed + Percent: Charge a combination of a fixed and % surcharge amount (e.g. $5 + 3%)
  • Maximum of Fixed or Percent: The higher of either the Fixed Surcharge ($5) or Percent Surcharge (3%, if this is more than $5)

All surcharges will be applied in the base currency of your store.

Surcharge % (1.0.0+)

Enter the percentage that you wish to charge – eg. 2.5 (don’t add the % symbol).

Surcharge Fixed Cost (1.0.0+)

Enter the fixed surcharge cost you wish to charge – eg. 10 (don’t add any currency symbols).

Click “save” to add the new surcharge. 

Tax Display Settings

The display of the surcharges can be configured alongside Magento’s default Tax settings under Stores > Configuration > Sales >Tax for both the shopping cart display, as well as once an order is placed.

Display Surcharge Amount (2.1.0+)

Choose your preferred tax display mode:

  • Excluding Tax
  • Including Tax
  • Including and Excluding Tax

Display Zero Surcharge (2.1.0+)

Display the Surcharge if it's value is 0.00.

Click “save” to apply the settings.

Checkout Preview

The display of a surcharge preview for payment methods can be configured under Stores > Configuration > Sales >Sales > Surcharge 

Surcharge Preview (3.4.0+)

Set to "Yes" to enable calculating the actual expected cost when selecting a payment method. This will update the payment methods title in the checkout Review & Payments step.

Title Format (3.4.0+)

The following place holders can be used:

{TITLE} - the current payment method title
{AMOUNT} - the calculated amount for the surcharge
{DESCRIPTION} - the surcharge description. If multiple payment surcharges would apply their descriptions are merged together.

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