Change the starting number

To change the sequence starting number you first need to switch the “Store View” to the store you want to change the starting number for:

Start From (1.0.0+)

Enter the number you wish to start the document number from. Start at 1, or choose to start at a higher number to resume a current numbering structure or to make sales volumes appear higher. Enter this number unformatted, regardless of the chosen increment pad number (eg. enter 500, not 00500).

You can change this setting as often as needed. Once entered and saved, this field will appear blank next time you open the settings. This is normal and your previous setting has been saved – it will just not be visible each time you open or refresh the page to prevent unintended changes.

For this setting to take effect, you must use the {ID} command in the “Format” field in the backend settings. 

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