Where can I find support for free Fooman extensions?

Our free extensions are super popular and to be able to make them even better for the whole Magento community, we have to be really careful about how we spend our time. This means we're not in a position to provide one-to-one guidance on how to use or set up extensions, or diagnose and guide you through troubleshooting issues.

What should I do?

  • Check out the troubleshooting resources provided for each extension in this knowledgebase
  • Please report any suspected bugs to us - we will always add genuine bug reports we can replicate to our  roadmap . We may contact you if we have an immediate fix or a workaround, but we can't always respond to every report that comes in
  • If you would like individual assistance for your issue, you can purchase a support package for free extensions (via the relevant extension listing on our website)

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