Set up in the Magento backend

Go to  Stores > Configuration > Sales> PDF Print-outs to configure your pdf quote in Magento.

Quote Settings

Title (v1.0+)

Enter a title for the Quote.

Show Print Quote Button in Checkout (v1.2.5+)

With this setting set to Yes the Print Quote button will not display during checkout on the Payment Step.

Print Quote Button Text (v1.2.5+)

The entered Text will be used for the button that triggers the download of the Quote Pdf.

Customer Addresses (v1.0+)

Which addresses should appear on the pdf? Choose from shipping address, billing address or both. Note that downloadable product orders won't have a shipping address. 

You can customise the customer address format by accessing  System > Configuration > Customer Configuration > Address Templates > Pdf. The | character will be converted into a line break.

Columns (v1.0+)

Add the attributes that you wish to display as columns on your picking list.

Enter the desired relative width of each column or leave this blank if you want to use the default width. Relative column width example: if you had 3 columns and used widths 1, 1 and 2. Then the last column would take up 50% of the available page width.

There is no maximum number of columns to display. However, the more columns you select, the smaller they will become in order to fit on the same page.

Sort By Column (v1.0+)

Choose which column to sort your quote by.

Custom Text (v1.0+)

Type any custom text that you want to include on your pdf quotes. You might want to include things like quote terms, further instructions, or a thank you message.

Common Pdf Settings

Next, configure the general pdf settings.

If you use Fooman Pdf Customiser, you will have already set these up. 

Page Size (v1.0+)

Choose from A4 or letter.

Page Orientation (v1.0+)

Choose to print pdf’s in either portrait or landscape.

Top/Bottom/Side Margins (v1.0+)

Select your preferred top/bottom/side margins in millimetres.

Set the bottom margin large enough to accommodate any footers and the page number. If the bottom margin is set too low, this can result in the footer blocks taking up all available space and there being no room to display the page number.

Footer Blocks 1 – 4 (v1.0+)

You can use up to 4 footer blocks to add custom footer content. The width of the footer blocks will automatically adjust to accommodate 1, 2, 3 or 4 footers in the space available.

You can use simple HTML like <p></p>, <br/> in these fields.

Footers will start where the bottom and side margins are set. For example, if the bottom margin is set to 5, the footer will start at 5 cm above the bottom of the page. Make sure the bottom margin is large enough if you have a lot of text in the footers.

Store Address (v1.0+)

Enter your store's address as you would like it to appear in the pdfs. This field can also be used for free text and store address is only a suggested use.

Background Image (v1.0+)

Upload an image that will be used as a background to the pdfs. Images will be scaled (but not distorted) to fit the page.

Store Address (v1.0+)

Enter your store's address as you would like it to appear in the pdfs. This field can also be used for free text and store address is only a suggested use.

Order Comments (v1.0+)

When set to Yes, comments inputted under Sales > Orders > Comment History will be added to the pdf (the comments you see in the back-end order view history):

Font (v1.0+)

  • System fonts (Helvetica, Times and Courier) offer the largest potential pdf size reduction (up to 95%), but might not show all international characters (see Troubleshooting)
  • Dejavu fonts offer broader international character support (UTF-8), but do not offer the same pdf size reduction as system fonts
  • Use the Arial fonts for Chinese, Korean or Japanese markets where the Adobe character package is widely installed. This option also offers up to 90% potential pdf size reduction.

Base Font Size (v1.0+)

Change the size of the base font.

  • Headings will be scaled to 150% of the base font
  • Line items will be automatically scaled to 80% of the base font, when the base font size is set to 12 or higher.

Barcode Type (v1.0+)

If you have chosen to show barcodes under the “Columns” setting for each pdf (Order/Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo), choose how barcodes will be displayed. The default setting is CODE 39 EXTENDED + CHECKSUM. Ensure that you select the correct barcode type for the SKU you are using, or pdf generation could fail.

Display Tracking Number as Barcode (v1.0+)

When set to "Yes", the shipping tracking number will be displayed as a barcode in the shipping section of the pdf.

Logo for the Pdf (v1.0+)

Upload your logo as a gif, jpeg or png file. A good size is 700 pixels wide and 300 pixels high.

Placement of the Logo (v1.0+)

  • Right – the logo will be positioned in the top right corner, scaled to measure2.5cm high (with width scaled accordingly, depending on the shape/size of the file)
  • Left – the logo will be positioned in the top left corner, scaled to measure 2.5cm high (with width scaled accordingly, depending on the shape/size of the file)

Open in Browser (v1.0+)

When set to Yes, pdf documents will be send to the browser for display, if set to no the file will be sent to the browser for download.

Display Quantity as Full Number (v1.0+)

When set to Yes, quantities will be displayed as a full number (eg. 1.0000 units will be displayed as 1 unit). This is the recommended default setting.

When set to No, quantities will be displayed as a partial number (eg. 1.9500 units).

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