Layout problem in the pdf configuration page

Please run the below two commands from the Magento root

grep -r 'remove src="css/styles-old.css"'
grep -r 'update handle="styles"'

If it returns something like 

app/code/[Namespace]/[Extension Name]/view/adminhtml/layout/adminhtml_system_config_edit.xml: <update handle="styles"/>
app/code/[Namespace]/[Extension Name]/view/adminhtml/layout/default.xml: <update handle="styles"/>

please delete the line 

<update handle="styles"/>

from the above file (please note this only applies to files named 'adminhtml_system_config_edit.xml' or 'default.xml'), save and cache refresh. If it returns nothing, please run

find .  -wholename "**adminhtml**/layout/default.xml" | xargs cat

and forward the result to us via our Contact Us page so we can investigate further.

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