Automatic Xero export stopped working

Usually this can happen due to any of the two reasons mentioned below:

  1. Something in our integration stopped working (stopped subscription, changes in order data coming in - mostly applies to order import from 3rd party marketplaces like ebay and amazon)
  2. Our automation is run as part of Magento's other automation which are triggered through a cronjob and this is no longer executing correctly

To rule out 1

  • Login to Magento Store Admin
  • Navigate to Sales > Fooman Connect - Xero Orders
  • Now, select one of the orders that should have exported and then use the action from the dropdown "Export Selected".

If this exports successfully the most likely cause is that your Magento cronjob is no longer executing correctly. 

Magento's information on this is here and if this is not running there would be a few more things that are no longer working (including pricing updates and customer emails).

We suggest you to get in touch with your system admin person or webhosting company to confirm that the Magento cronjob is running successfully. A good way to verify this is to check the database table `cron_schedule` for updates.

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