Modify other Fooman Surcharges

If Fooman Product Surcharge is installed alongside other Fooman Surcharge extensions it provides product based modifications of configured surcharges.

The following types are available

  • Product 
    the standard product surcharge - no interaction with other Fooman extensions and Amount is used
  • Exclude Product 
    the product's value or weight is excluded from calculations
    (enter any amount - it is not used)
  • Include Product 
    the product's weight is included in calculations (Weight Surcharge only)
    (enter any amount - it is not used)
  • Single item in cart cancels 
    the linked surcharge will no longer apply for the cart if this product is present
    (enter any amount - it is not used)
  • Only cancel if all items cancel 
    the linked surcharge will only be removed from the cart if all products cancel
    (enter any amount - it is not used)

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