Configure transactional PDF attachments

Transactional PDF attachments refer to the Order*, Invoice, Shipment and Credit Memo PDF documents automatically generated in Magento. * An Order Confirmation PDF document requires you to have the free Fooman Print Order PDF extension installed.

Click on Stores > Configuration > Sales > Sales Emails to get started. 

Individually configure every email type you see below with the PDF documents you want to automatically attach. Choose to attach PDF documents with or without comments.

Standard Magento Settings

The first six settings are standard Magento settings - configure these as per normal.

Be sure to enable automatic sales emails.

Attach Invoice/Shipment/Credit Memo as Pdf (v1.0.0+)

When set to “Yes”, your invoice/shipment/credit memo pdf document will be automatically attached to the order/invoice/shipment/credit memo email.

Attach Order as Pdf (v1.0.0+)

You can also choose to automatically attach an order document to the order email. This requires the free Fooman Print Order PDF extension - you’ll need to install this first in order for this feature to be enabled: Link to free download.

Attach Terms and Conditions (v1.0.0+)

When set to “Yes”, your Terms and Conditions html and text files (from Sales > Terms and Conditions) will be automatically attached to the email.

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