Connecting a staging / test / dev environment

Our licensing already covers the installation of our integration on any dev/test/staging sites associated with the live url. For our monthly option please use the same serial number.

The one strong suggestion we do make is that when connecting any test site to Xero to choose a Xero demo organisation (comes with every Xero account) to not mess up your live Xero accounting data. You can set this up under!xkcD/Dashboard
79d8ff4ba3dc95e3c8c91e37807cc9ed.pngOnce the demo organisation is enabled you can follow our set up guide from here. If you have previously already configured your live domain you can add a second callback url to the existing app under 

Good for 30 days

Please note Xero resets the demo organisation every 30 days after which you would need to reconnect your test site - you can do this by clicking Refresh Xero Token.


If the test environment was initially copied over from the live environment there is a chance that the tokens from the live site were copied over. Please use the button "Remove Xero Connection" (only on the test site) to remove these fully.

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