Tax changes fixed surcharge by 0.01

To enter a fixed amount surcharge that includes tax at a given fixed amount please use the following set up.

Surcharge Settings

For the surcharge itself please use

Tax Rate = Taxable Goods (or your equivalent)
Amounts are = inclusive of Tax

and entering a fixed amount

If you are still seeing a different amount to the entered 0.95 your tax configuration needs to be adjusted.

Tax Settings

Option 1

For the fixed amount to end up as entered Magento will run the following process, factoring out the tax with your default customer group and your default tax configuration. Then apply the current tax rate. For this to end up with exact same amount the two tax rates need to be the same. One setting that needs to be checked is Sales > Shipping Settings > Origin. This Origin needs to produce a tax rate with the same percentage as the Tax Rate selected for the surcharge.

Option 2

use Enable Cross Border Trade as per the comment for the setting (please note this will apply for all catalog prices)

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