Setting Product Fees for multiple products

Fooman Product Fees can be set/updated via Magento's Mass Product Attribute functionality (available from v3.1.0+). You will find this functionality under Catalog > Products

Select the products you wish to update, then choose the Action "Update attributes":

Locate Product Fees and configure the fees as required. 

Please note that you will first need to tick the "Change" tickbox before any changes will be applied. Please also note that each applicable fee will need to be set to enabled. All fees not enabled will no longer apply to the selected products even if they were previously configured. 

Newer Magento versions update the product attributes asynchronously and you will see the following message:

The update will be performed in the background via Magento's cron / queuing mechanism depending on your system's configuration. You can track its progress via System > Action Logs > Bulk Actions

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