Set up Fooman Product Attachments in the Magento backend

We indicate which features are available on which version of Fooman Product Attachments in the following way: (v1.0.0+).

Add Product Attachment

Head to Catalog > Product Attachments Manager to configure your documents available with your products.

Start by Adding a New Product Attachment:

On the New Attachment screen the following settings can be configured:

Enabled (v1.0.0)

The attachment is available for download.

Visible in Frontend (v1.0.0)

When enabled the link to the attachment is added on the frontend in the detailed product information area as a separate tab.

File (v1.0.0)

Use the upload button to select the file you wish to attach to the product. Please note that your server administrator or web hosting company may have applied a file size limit for uploads. Please contact them if you see an error message related to upload size limit.

Group (v1.0.0)

If provided all pdfs with the same group name are displayed together under the same subheading.

Sort Order (v1.0.0)

Pdfs with lower sort order numbers are displayed first when multiple pdfs are listed. If groups are used the group which includes the lowest sort order pdf is displayed first, then all other pdfs in that group in ascending order before moving to the next group.

Store View (v1.0.0)

Select if this document is available in all store views or only a select one.

Product Selection

Click Select Products to bring up the product selection screen to assign the attachment to one or more products.

Use the checkbox next to the products to select the required products. Once finished use the button "Add Selected Products". 

Filters can be applied to find the targeted products.

Click Save Pdf Attachment to finishing setting up the attachment.

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