Will Fooman Payment Surcharge (M2) work with my one step checkout?

The extension is tested with default Magento payment methods and is compatible with Magento 2's default one page checkout.

Generally, third party one step checkout extensions which adequately replace Magento 2's default functionality are compatible with Fooman Payment Surcharge. If your one step checkout extension ticks the following boxes, the chances are good that Fooman Payment Surcharge will work out of the box:

  • Upon switching of the payment method, the review section reloads •
  • Custom Totals are displayed 
  • Custom Totals are displayed using their configured block 
  • Settings are honoured 
  • Totals sort order is honoured

The ones that don't work out of the box are most often the ones that look at the individual cart items instead of charging the grand total of the order while neglecting custom totals (due to the way the one step checkout extension is coded which is beyond the control of Fooman).

Rest assured that our extensions include a 30 day money back guarantee, so feel free to test out the extension on your own development site with other extensions.

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