Set up your Google Analytics account

If you want to set up your sales funnel visualisation in Google, follow these instructions, 

Note: Once settings are configured, it can take Google up to 48 hours to show your data.

For instructions and troubleshooting advice on any standard element of Google Analytics, please refer to the Google User Guide (we don’t repeat these instructions here).

1. Log into your Google Analytics account. Under Administration > Goals, create a new goal to set up a sales funnel visualisation.

The quickest way is to click ‘import from gallery’.

2. Search for 'magento 2’', then click ‘import’ on the Fooman add-on.

3. Select ‘Create new Goal’ and then ‘Create’.
4. Your goal is now pre-populated with the recommended information. Click ‘Save Goal’. If you want to make any changes to the goal (see below), do this before saving it. 

5. If you prefer to set the goal up manually, or want to make any changes to the settings, use the information below:  

Goal Description

Enter a goal name (eg. “Checkout Success”). Set the goal type to “Destination”.


To properly display exits in the funnel visualisation, set the destination as “equals to”. Enter /checkout/onepage/success

Case Sensitive

Leave this unticked.

Value (Optional)

Set a goal value if desired.


Set up a sales goal funnel which provides a comprehensive overview of sales conversion rates during the different checkout steps of your store.

If you use Magento's default checkout, enter the following:

  • Step 1: /checkout
  • Step 2: /checkout/email-entered
  • Step 3: /checkout/get-shipping-rates
  • Step 4: /checkout/payment
  • Step 5: /checkout/place-order


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