Step 1 - Authorise Xero Organisation

1. Head to to set up the connection to Xero. You will need a Xero login which authorises the connection and the Fooman Serial Number which you can find in your account on our site.

2. Click the Sign In with Xero button

and log into Xero as you normally would. 

3. Allow us to use your name and email address to create a matching account on our end

4. You will be redirected back and logged into 

5. Please review and accept the Terms & Conditions

6. On the Connections Page click Connect to Xero

7.Once back on the Xero side select the organisation you want to use with our Magento integration service. You can find details on the permissions sought here.

8. Head to the Plans page to enter your serial number and press the Add button

9. On the Api Keys page press Generate new Api Credentials 

If you have multiple Connections and/or Plans you will be able to select which one to generate the credentials for. 


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