Step 6 - Set up automatic exports

In Magento, configure Fooman Connect to automatically send your new Magento order data to Xero every ten minutes.

1. Go to Stores > Configuration > Fooman Connect

2. Configure the following settings and click Save Configuration.

Enable Automatic Exports (v1.0+)

Select “Yes” to enable Fooman Connect: Xero.

Even though the automatic export is scheduled to be run every 10 minutes, it cannot run faster than the system cron job. It is important to verify that a Magento cronjob was correctly configured during the initial set up of your Magento store, as this is essential to the automatic export function of Fooman Connect. If in doubt, please check with your web host or system administrator to confirm this. 

That's it! You're all set up. Fooman Connect will run automatically according to your chosen settings. Simply log into Xero and all your Magento data is there - orders, items, credit memos and customer data. You can also perform a manual export at any time, via the process detailed in step 5.


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