Using the Fooman Connect Dashboard

Once you have set up Fooman Connect, you can control actions via the Fooman Connect dashboard.

To go Sales > Fooman Connect. Choose to view either Orders or Credit Memos.

From here you can:

  • Export Selected
    Manually export orders / credit memos from before the automatic export process was activated (it is also possible to use the “Start Date for Orders/Credit Memos” feature in step 6 (link below), which will achieve the same purpose).
  • Never Export Selected
    To manually exclude orders/credit memos from the automatic export process (tick the checkboxes next to the orders / credit memos that you want to manually exclude, click “Never Export Selected” on the Action dropdown menu).
  • Link Selected
    Search Xero for the invoice number and link the Magento invoice to it. Useful for cases where a previous Magento backup was restored that lost the export status of an already exported Magento order.
  • Reset Error on Selected
    Reset the status from "Attempted but failed" to "Not Exported". This will add previously failed exports back to the queue for the automatic export. Useful after fixing the issue that prevented the previous export attempts to fail.
  • Delete/Void Selected in Xero
    This will attempt to delete the linked invoice in Xero. If Xero prevents the deletion of the invoice (for example if it has already been approved) the invoice will instead get voided in Xero. Please note that Xero does not allow the same invoice number to be used in the future if an invoice number has been voided.

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